Magnetic Me Cotton Pink Elephant Footie Pjs
Magnetic Me Cotton Pink Elephant Footie (citizen kidette)

Magnificent Baby (Magnetic Me) Cotton Pink Elephant Footie

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Magnificent Baby (Magnetic Me) Natural Cotton Pink Elephant Footie Pjs 

Color: White / Pink

Sizes: 0 - 3M & 3 - 6M

Sizing info: 
Height: 21.5 - 23"
Weight: 8-12 lbs

Height: 23.5-26"
Weight: 12-16 lbs

Price: $16.00

Value: $34.00

About These Footie PJs: The absolute easiest way to dress a baby! Magnificent Baby's magnetic footie, featuring their time-saving magnetic fasteners and no over-the-head design, gets baby dressed faster than Clark Kent turns into Superman! No longer dread night changings – simply open outfit, insert baby and the outfit practically dresses itself! 

How The Magnetic Closures Work

Wear: All Seasons

Care: Machine Washable

Helpful warning: Make sure to close the magnetic fasteners before washing. 

Close Garment Before Washing

Product Details:  

  • includes Mitten cuffs on the 0-3M (please note they are not on the 3M - 6M)
  • 100% soft & gentle natural cotton
  • Fun and flexible for rolling, crawling, and adventure