Baby Girl Custom Gifting Options

Baby Girl Custom Gifting Options

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Baby Girl Custom Gifting Options
Ages: 0M - 6 Years 
Price: $25+

What Is it? 

Create a personalized curated gift for all the important little chickadees in your life. The Citizen Kidette Team will work with you to create the ultimate gift set that is personal and functional for new parents and developing little guys! 

If  you are interested please email us at:

Three important Starter Questions:

  1.  How much do you want to spend? 
  2.  What age or age range to you want to gift to? 
  3. Do you have any themes or inside information that you would like to center the gift around? Examples to help....what is their nursery theme? Does the new buddle have a sibling? Are they a dog or a cat obsessed family? 
  4. If it is a new baby, please share the registry information as we like to incorporate gifts of the registry as it makes sense.